Boker Black Widow Mini Kalashnikov Automatic Knife Dagger (2.5" Red)

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The Mini Kalashnikov featured in this listing has been converted* into an automatic knife. When you push the button, the knife opens with a kick that is snappy and satisfying. You'll be opening it over and over again! This model has a red, AUS-8, dagger blade and a black coated aluminum handle with red hardware and a red, deep-carry pocket clip. The Boker Mini Kalashnikov fills all the roles of its larger counterpart, but in a more lightweight, compact package that is ideal for people with smaller hands. The quality materials and quality build promise a knife that won’t let you down. See the Boker Kalashnikov Review to learn what makes this knife so amazing! *Automatic conversion knives are retrofitted by a third party to accept a coil spring. The factory warranty on these knives is void, but we do warranty the conversion/spring of these knives for one (1) year from date of purchase.
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