Heretic Sleight Blizzard White Push Dagger Battle Black 20CV H050-8A-BLIZZARD

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The Sleight from Heretic Knives is an innovative modular push dagger consisting of a milled aluminum handle and independent steel blade module. Durable, lightweight and weather resistant both handle and blade can be swapped with other components* from the Sleight line to meet specific needs. This version comes with a Battleworn Black CPM-20CV double edge blade and Blizzardworn (white) handle. Brand new, direct from Heretic Knives - Retired Item - Final Quantities Blade: Made from 2 mm thick 20CV, the double edge blade has dual razor sharp chisel grinds delivering strength and devastating cutting performance with a fine piercing point. Remove the three Torx screws on the back of the blade for adaptable customization. The tumbled "Battleworn" black Cerakote finish hides wear and is discreetly non-reflective. Handle: A milled aluminum handle extends over the blade for rigid reinforcement while keeping the weight below 3.5 ounces. The blasted and tumbled white "Blizzardworn" finish contrasts nicely with the blade for a rugged two-tone look. Deep milled texture allows for a secure grip in adverse conditions with rounded edges for optimal comfort. Sheath: Carries via a polymer sheath with Tek-Lok. CPM-20CV: CPM-20CV (analog to M390 and CTS-204P) is a premium powder metallurgy (PM) stainless steel with high level edge retention and corrosion resistance. Relatively easy to sharpen, the coarse microstructure gives this steel lower toughness.
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