CIVIVI x Ochs Mini Sandbar Satin Nitro-V Black G10 Flipper C20011-1

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The CIVIVI x Ochs Mini Sandbar is fast, slim, and ready for action. Designed by custom maker Eric Ochs, the Mini Sandbar has a razor like hollow grind on the aggressive hybrid blade. With a streamlined profile, lightweight construction, and compact, high performance blade the Mini Sandbar is outstanding for daily carry. This version comes with a satin finished Nitro-V blade and black G10 handle scales. Brand new, direct from CIVIVI. Blade: With a hollow ground clip and primary grind, the satin finished Nitro-V modified recurve Tanto delivers plenty of performance in a sub-3" package for permissive carry. Ceramic bearings deliver smooth operation with decisive deployment via the index flipper. A minimalist choil gives access to the full edge for sharpening. Handle: Stainless steel liners support textured G10 scales with chamfered edges for comfort. Subtle finger grooves and scallops on the liner deliver a safe and secure grip. One liner forms the lock mechanism providing smooth operation and solid lockup for safe use. A partial back spacer has an exposed hole for lanyard attachment. Carries via a reversible milled titanium pocket clip. Nitro-V Stainless Steel: Nitro-V is a modified AEB-L with Nitrogen and Vanadium added for enhanced performance. You get is a very fine-grained steel with excellent edge stability, allowing for a very fine, high performance slicing edge. It is easy to sharpen, has better edge retention than AEB-L and is one of the toughest stainless steels.
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